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GSA’s Horizontal Tilt Plus Three Things to Know

Centre Law & Consulting


GSA's Horizontal Pricing Analysis Tool and Three Things to Know | Centre Law & Consulting in Tysons, VA

It’s A Slant Downward

When you negotiate a GSA Schedule or renewal, the GSA contracting officer reviews your pricing against, well, your past pricing. But when GSA buyers buy, they will now have tools to compare your pricing with the competition. It started with transactional data reporting, and now GSA is openly moving to a horizontal pricing model at least for products. Your carefully prepared sales data to get a product or service on schedule is becoming meaningless as GSA implements more tools for buyers to compare prices for what may or may not be similar items.

Tom Sharpe, FAS Commissioner, has unveiled the latest buying tool, the Horizontal Pricing Analysis Tool. Its purpose is to “analyze price variability for identical Schedule items”. It shows the competitive range of pricing for a specific item and whether or not a vendor is proposing an offer within that range.

Now that the Horizontal Pricing Analysis Tool is in use, COs are reaching out to vendors whose prices exceed a competitive range, notifying them of comparative pricing with identical items on Schedule, and engaging them in a dialogue about both pricing and non-price factors.

Buyers and sellers, please make sure apples are applies and not avocados. Is delivery FOB origin or destination? What are the warranties? What is the delivery time? We all have stories about the deep discount competitor whose delivery time is in dog years, yet their price is low. That may be okay if you don’t need it soon, as defined in your lifetime.

Now on to other news…


Jacobs Technology is hanging on to its $132 million Army award. ManTech TSG-1 JV protested that it was unreasonably assigned a weakness in its proposal. GAO held that ManTech couldn’t establish that the Army was unreasonable in assigning a weakness to its proposal based upon unstated evaluation criteria. Champagne flows at Jacobs.

That Wall

The Department of Homeland Security does not have enough loose change in its sofa cushions to fund THE wall, so President Trump is preparing a supplemental budget request for at least $6.6 billion. And for those of you wall builders, here is the link to the presolicitation notice.

Growth Areas 2017

A new study by Onvia lists the top 10 fastest-growing areas in government contracting for 2017 that include technology, telecommunications, healthcare, and construction.
About the Author

Barbara Kinosky Barbara Kinosky
Managing Partner

Barbara Kinosky has more than twenty-five years of experience in all aspects of federal government contracting and is a nationally known expert on GSA and VA Schedules and the Service Contract Act. She has a proven track record of solving complex issues for clients by providing strategic and business savvy advice. Barbara was named a top attorney for federal contracting by Smart CEO magazine in 2010, 2012, and 2015.


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