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Test, Test, Test

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Left Brain Professionals


Implementing a new accounting system inherently implies change to your current processes. It also means entering data in different fields in a new system. To be certain your system setup is correct, you must test all of your scenarios. Let’s back up for a moment. Before testing, you need a good list of what you want to test. At a high level, every organization needs to test two main cash flow processes:

  • Order to Cash, and
  • Procure to Pay

Depending on the type of products (services vs manufacturing) and the specific structure of your organization, you may have a few or several sub-processes to test. For example:

Order to Cash

    • Contract review
    • Customer order entry
    • Engineering/design
    • Supply Chain
      • Planning
      • Purchasing
        • Procure
        • Receive inventory
        • Accounts payable
      • Manufacturing
      • Inventory
      • Delivery
    • Customer invoicing
    • Receive customer payment

Back to my main topic: test, test, test. Write out a list of scenarios and test each scenario multiple times. Fully execute each process as if you were doing it live. While you won’t actually manufacture a part, you will simulate issuing and receiving inventory, delivering product, invoicing customers, and receiving payments. Test, test, test each scenario until you validate the expected results.

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