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Trending Government Contracting News

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So later today I am hosting a lunch at my house. And unless Desoto (the Spanish explorer who looked for the Fountain of Youth in Florida) has been visiting my family room, I have a major water leak. There is water everywhere. I just lost a small business set-aside contract to an unfathomably low, low, low price bidder, and the cat barfed all over my new carpet. It’s not even noon yet! So in an attempt to turn my day around, I hopped online to see what others are up to in hopes of finding something more interesting and uplifting!

Here is a round up of trending Government Contracting news I found that caught my eye.

SBA Expands Mentor-Protégé to All Small Businesses
Kudos to the Small Business Administration for great rule drafting. The SBA just expanded the mentor-protégé program to include all small businesses. The program is government wide. The primary incentive for large businesses to participate as mentors is the ability to form a joint venture (JV) with their protégé to pursue small business set-aside contracts without worrying about affiliation issues. And that sticky wicket, past performance is addressed in the rule. Agencies must evaluate the past performance of each member of the JV as opposed to just the JV. NextWin posted a great white paper on this. Applications must be submitted through the www.certify.sba.gov.portal. The new rule allows mentors to own up to 40% of their protégé’s. SBA has confirmed that they will be receiving applications starting October 1. And for those of you who suffer from insomnia, here is the complete rule for your late night reading pleasure.

Key Person Departs and So Does URS Contract
URS Federal Services protested the loss of a Navy contract. The solicitation required offerors to propose eight key personnel. After proposal submission one of the key staff left URS. As a result, the URS proposal was given a deficiency which cost it the award. URS protested. The GAO held that when an agency has notice of the withdrawal of key personnel during the proposal evaluation process it can either evaluate the proposal as submitted or reopen discussions. Here the Navy evaluated the proposal as having only seven key people instead of the required eight. Read more in the GAO decision.

Update on GSA Transactional Data
GSA just issued an update on the schedule for implementing the transactional data pilot program. This link shows what schedules will be impacted and the roll out date.

Open Source Code
GSA published a good comprehensive blog on open source code. It’s part of the federal government’s big push toward open source development. GSA has a CIO policy that supports releasing GSA software as open source, but this is a very controversial issue with industry.

P.S. – With all the changes that happen in the world of federal contracting, you need a dependable resource to keep you advised on best practices. So keep us in mind for meeting your small business WOSB goals when it comes to acquisition support and training.

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Barbara Kinosky Barbara Kinosky
Managing Partner

Barbara Kinosky has more than twenty-five years of experience in all aspects of federal government contracting and is a nationally known expert on GSA and VA Schedules and the Service Contract Act. She has a proven track record of solving complex issues for clients by providing strategic and business savvy advice. Barbara was named a top attorney for federal contracting by Smart CEO magazine in 2010, 2012, and 2015.


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