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Introducing Emptor Cautus

Vern Edwards


We have a new blogger at Wifcon, who calls himself Emptor Cautus. Since I've known him for 40 years, he asked me to write an intro for him, and this is it.

E.C. will remain anonymous, which is a good sign. He retired from Government service after a 30+ year career in which he held several high level posts, and he is still working in the field, so I figure he might say something that might get someone excited, and he doesn't want it held against him. That's good news.

E.C. spent most of his career with the Department of Defense as a contracting officer, contracting director, headquarters staffer, chief procurement officer, and even as an assistant commander in major systems acquisition offices. He worked some very big and important programs and there are not many people alive who know as much about contracting as he does. He is a detail man, which means that he will look closely at your official work and hold you to a very high standard in that regard. He is a thinker, and in a conversation, if you say something unsupported, inconsistent, or just plain wrong, you are likely to hear the dread, "Well, now, wait a minute." Which is the prelude to a Socratic examination of your logic. I can tell based on personal experience that alcohol seems to have little if any effect on his reasoning powers. If you say something about a professional topic, be ready.

E.C. is a prolific and thoughtful writer, and if you do much reading in our field, you have probably read some of his articles in various professional publications. He is a Certified Professional Contract Manager and a Fellow of the National Contract Management Association.

We are close friends, and I hold him in the highest personal and professional esteem. I think you will enjoy reading what he posts.


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