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Offer and Acceptance, Contracting Authority, Etc.



In Thomas F. Neenan, as Trustee of the Thomas F. Neenan, Sr., Revocable Trust, v. U. S., No. 11-733C, August 22, 2013, you are taken through some of the basics of federal contracting. How many basic points can you identify in this 10-page opinion? I've listed those that I identified below:

1. Offer and acceptance, unconditional offer, preliminary negotiations.

2. Change in ownership, death of party, trust agreement.

3. Pattern or practice.

4. Contract specialist's authority, integral part of the duties assigned.

5. Express authority, implied authority, actual authority, apparent authority.


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Bob, I can't get the link at Thomas F. Neenan, as Trustee of the Thomas F. Neenan, Sr., Revocable Trust, v. U. S., No. 11-733C, August 22, 2013, to work.

I'm getting the following :

"Page Not Found

Sorry! The page you were looking for no longer exists. We redesigned our site and many of the pages have changed.

Please visit our Website and Technical Issues page for more information on about the United States of Federal Claims website, or use the search box on the left side to locate the webpage that you were linked too."

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I've repaired the link. You've identified the reason I place public domain items from government servers in the Wifcon.com server. Government web sites appear to change internet addresses with little consideration for linking.

The U. S. Court of Federal Claims site apparently initially links opinions without the word "opinions" in their links. Then, after a few days, the word "opinions" is added to the link. Of course, that destroys the link. For example, here is what I linked to originally:


Here is the current link:


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Bob, thanks for fixing the link I tried to send you a message to let you know but your profile says you cant accept any more messages. At any rate, I wasn't trying to critique, just let you know that the link wasn't working. I figured that something had changed or was broke at the web site.

Please also note that the link to the Blog on the WIFCON Home Page refers to "A little Christian Doctrine for you", even though the latest article is the above, not the Christian Doctrine. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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