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Just do it!

Vern Edwards


This morning I came across an article of Department of Defense news dated June 4, 2013, with the headline: “People at Center of Defense Acquisition Process, Official Says.” It describes an interview with the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition in which that official emphasized that people are at the heart of the Better Buying Power 2.0 program. You should read it, even if you don't work for DOD. You can access it here:


The interviewee makes the de rigueur observation that the acquisition workforce was “decimated” and “downsized horrendously” during the 1990s, and that during the 2000s the emphasis was on spending money to meet the needs of the warfighter. Supposedly, the Better Buying Power initiative has changed all that. Now there is a “huge effort” to ensure that the workforce thinks and that it has the professional “tools and training” it needs. Right. Note that the interviewee did not describe one specific thing that has been or is being done to accomlish that goal. Not. One. Thing.

The interviewee said that acquisition is a “team sport” and “leaders” are needed. I agree. When will they get here? Henry V made a great speech at Agincourt, but then he fought.


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She's in the process of selecting the next DAU President. Her chances of meeting her goals depend on the quality of her selection. I hope you got your application in.

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I doubt that Ms McFarland will make what I would consider to be a good choice. I am certain that she will not achieve much. I would like to be wrong, but I'm not.

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