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The Congressional Budget Office Compares Apples And Oranges



The Army plans to develop and procure a new Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) that will do two things: 1) operate as a combat vehicle and 2) transport soldiers onto the battlefield. The GCV would replace the current Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) believes that implementing the GCV program would cost $29 billion–in 2013 dollars–between 2014 to 2030.

The CBO did a report that compares the Army’s plan for the GCV with four other alternatives. Although none of those alternatives would meet all of the Army’s goals for the GCV program, the CBO claims that all are likely to be less costly and less risky than the Army’s plan. Two of the alternatives would involve procuring the vehicles from other countries.

See it at cbo.gov.

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When I read "Bradley Fighting Vehicle", I think "Ruminant Procurement" and "Sheep Specs".

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