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My Side Of The Internet--Discussion Forum




We're under attack--constantly.

I plan to write entries, now and then, about different areas of Wifcon.com. Today, I am writing about the registration process, and why it may take a day or two, for your account to be approved on the Discussion Forum.

When you register for an account on the Discussion Forum, you may have noticed a delay in your registration process. That is because your request for registration enters a que or waiting area. The que is necessary because of spammers. Between 500 to 1,000 spammers have tried to register. Sometimes, the spammers are individuals. At other times, they are a form of software--robots--that search the internet.

After your request is in the que, I review the information that you provide. Every request is checked. Spammers usually come from another continent and often can be detected easily. At other times, they come from a normal internet service provider and are more difficult to detect. If my checks continue to result in questions, the registrant receives an e-mail from me explaining why I am writing. Once that e-mail is sent, the registrant has about 10 days to respond. If they don't respond, the request is deleted.

If a spammer does register successfully, I might catch them when they advertise something on the forum. For example, a spammer might post a note with a link to a site. Once I detect them, their account is deleted. As another example of spamming, one poster may request a service. Another poster may respond with a link to a site. Once I detect them, both their accounts are deleted.

About the information you provide. I see your username, your e-mail account that you used, and the name of the server you used to enter the internet. Once you are registered, that information is stored in your account. I do not use your account information except for the purpose of registration. I forget about it immediately after your account is approved.

After you are registered, I suggest that you read the After You Are Registered section of the Discussion Forum.



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