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Ambrose; Chief Advisor, Wifcon.com LLC




In 1992, I moved into a new house in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D. C. When the 6-month check-up came to fix any settling issues with the house, a tough-looking guy came to do the work. I told him about my plans to buy a dog the next year. He looked down and said, "I'll never get another dog." He then tearfully told me about the recent death and life of his dog. There he was. This big bruiser with tears running down his cheeks.

Now I know what he meant. I'll never get another dog. Ambrose, Wifcon.com's Chief Advisor, died on Thursday morning, February 18, 2010. He was 5 weeks short of being 17 years old. Why should Ambrose be mentioned here? If you are one of the original users of Wifcon.com, you will recognize the original, but now defunct, domain

It wasn't until a few years later that wifcon.com bought its own domain.

Ambrose's photo was posted on Wifcon.com once or twice for a Christmas greeting. Additionally, Ambrose was at my side--until now--for every key click over the nearly 12 years of Wifcon.com. When we were in the Washington area, we would get up at 4:35 AM each morning. We would get ready and then play "ball and bear." That was throwing a soft stuffed bear and a stuffed ball down the hall 100 times. Then we would go into my office and upload the changes made to Wifcon.com. In the evenings, it was much the same.

The vet told me that Ambrose was near death 14 months ago. Ambrose didn't believe her and continued on. Last month, the vet came to euthanize Ambrose. He made a miraculous recovery and the vet left shaking her head about Ambrose, the miracle dog.

This past weekend, Ambrose decided to stop eating and drinking water. I knew what he decided to do and called the vet. Ambrose died peacefully with his head in my hand. He was a miniature poodle.


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Here's to Ambrose! And to memories that last forever.


As someone who has owned dogs my entire life, I sympathize with what you're feeling. I have no doubt Ambrose and you were unbelievably fortunate to find each other and to be able to spend so much time together.

I hope that all of the memories he gave you--including "ball and bear"--provide you with some comfort during this sad and difficult time. Rest assured that Ambrose gave you everything he had.

Good boy, Ambrose.

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Grieve. Wait a while. Then, get another dog. I had to put down my dog Toby, a border collie, eight years ago. We had him for 16 years. He helped raise our kids and was my hiking companion. He slept on my son Tom's bed every night for most of Tom's life. One of my greatest memories is of Toby and my boys Joe and Tom running through shoulder-high grass under a perfect summer sky, laughing and barking, Toby leaping like a dolphin so he could see over the grass. When he died I said I'd never get another dog. Now I have two: a miniature poodle named Charlie and a big brute of a rescue-mutt named Jonah.

Some people need animal companions. There's no explaining it. That's just the way it is. You had a dog for almost 17 years. You're one of those people.

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Bob ... I'm so sorry. I didn't know Ambrose, but I do know the connection one can get with their "pets" - I put that term in quotes because there should be something better to describe dogs. I had a golden retriever for 18 years, and I too had to have her put down. I cried for days. To this day when I see a golden I absolutely have to stop and pet him/her. Be happy with the great memories you have. and I agree with PM63A4 above, I'm sure Ambrose gave you everything he had, and the giving was probably mutual.

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